We Choose Love! We Choose Democracy! We Choose Community!

We are working to create a world where everyone can live and love freely without fear. Inspired by the We Choose All of Us campaign by the Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence, this year’s conference will explore what it means to choose love, choose democracy, and to choose community. Join us to get inspired and learn how to put these big concepts into action in your daily life and work.


Morgan Breese

Seattle, WA
I work as a therapist at Abused Deaf Women's Advocacy Services (ADWAS). I collaborate with a team of advocates, child advocates, an on-site advocate, and a property manager to support our Deaf survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. ADWAS' core values involve social justice and we aim to incorporate that in all of the services we provide: it varies from unpacking our privileges to educating the community about privilege and oppression. I use the trauma-informed lens in my therapy which focuses on the person's trauma rather than diagnosing them. I love to talk social justice, how to make the mental health field more accessible and less dangerous for minorities, and how we all could support each other with a variety of backgrounds. See you at WSCADV!